Laughter Wellness Teacher Training, Sydney, Australia
Laughter Yoga, Laughter Wellness, Workshops, Laughter Yoga Leader Training, Sydney, Workplace Wellbeing, Stress Management, Team Building
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Our Laughter Wellness Teacher Training (Level 1) will introduce you to the Laughter Wellness method and certify you to facilitate Laughter Wellness group sessions.


You will learn:

  • What Laughter Wellness is and what it involves
  • The key benefits of laughter
  • How to teach a basic Laughter Wellness session
  • How to effectively introduce the Laughter Wellness method to a group, to create context
  • How to help participants get the most out of their experience
  • How to introduce and lead a laughter meditation, to enable participants to experience free-flow laughter in a safe space
  • How to lead a grounding exercise, to ground the energy of laughter and bring people into a state of balance
  • How to effectively wrap the session up
  • How to plan and sequence a dynamic Laughter Wellness session
  • How to start implementing Laughter Wellness sessions, in your community or organisation


This training is well-suited for people who would like to establish Laughter Wellness sessions within their organisation, facilitate community Laughter Wellness classes, or learn more about the power of laughter, as lifestyle medicine and complementary therapy, for their own health and wellbeing.


You will receive a Laughter Wellness Teacher Training (Level 1) manual, written by Sebastien Gendry, founder of Laughter Wellness and Certification. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided on both days.


The next Laughter Wellness Teacher Training in Sydney will be listed soon. Contact Connie for more information or to express your interest in attending an upcoming Laughter Wellness Teacher Training in Australia.


We look forward to sharing the Laughter Wellness method with you!



”Connie’s laugh, passion and drive for spreading the Laughter Wellness principles are infectious and inspiring! The two day intensive training was beneficial to me professionally and personally. A great way to put things in perspective. Laughter Wellness breaks barriers and pushes your comfort zone – just the right amount!”

Olivia Kelly, Corporate Recognition and Reward Program Specialist


”A big thank you to Connie for training me in Laughter Wellness. It expanded my horizons and I immediately put it into practice at the local library yesterday. I had nearly thirty kids and they all had a great time.” 

Stacie Haplin, Children’s Entertainer & Humanitarian Clown (Laughter Wellness Teacher Training – 2016)


”Connie is an excellent presenter, great energy and always went the extra mile.  She kept our energy high with her enthusiasm and professionalism. In addition she has given us extra resources and was very encouraging to all the participants. Thanks for putting me in touch with Connie, it was a highly enjoyable training experience.” 
Cat Piper, Cat Piper Psychology (laughter yoga leader training – 2016)


”I felt welcome and at ease from the moment I entered the training room and was greeted by Connie with her beaming smile. Connie’s warm, happy, knowledgeable and confident manner, as well as her open style of teaching, meant that the two-days were a lot of fun and I came away with my expectations of the training being met.  Within minutes of beginning the training and being asked to do things that perhaps I may not normally do, I very quickly felt comfortable. I am truly appreciative of Connie being a part of my laughter journey.  Thank you!”

Nadine Lee, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (laughter yoga leader training – 2016)