Commonly Asked Questions About Hashtags

What is a hashtag?


A hashtag is a topic word eg laughter, phrase eg laughterwellness or series of characters eg 2015laughconaus, which follow the hashtag (#) symbol eg #2015laughconaus.



How do I create a hashtag?


Type the # symbol, followed by a topic or series of characters.


You can use capital letters and numbers. #2015laughconaus will generate the same results as #2015LaughConAus.


You can’t use spaces or punctuation marks.



Where do I include hashtags in a post?


You can include hashtags at the end of your post, for example:

Sandy Hunter presents a seated laughter session at the 2015 Laughter Conference in Adelaide. #2015laughconaus #laughterwellness


Or you can use hashtags in context within your post. This can be helpful if using Twitter, where characters are limited – for example:

Sandy Hunter presents a seated #laughterwellness session at the #2015laughconaus.


You can use hashtags across most social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.