Laughter Wellness for Awareness Days and Special Events

Laughter Wellness with Connie Costa at the 2016 Australian Laughter Wellness Conference

Throughout the year, there are various national and international awareness days that commemorate health and ethical causes. There are also days designated to acknowledging the important work of particular groups of people, for example volunteers. On many of these days, people may gather for special events, with members of their community.


This article lists some of the international days that relate to health, wellbeing, connection and wellness, in particular Laughter Wellness. A Laughter Wellness session is a valuable and highly effective activity for special events, because of the unique and uplifting way that it brings people together.


Laughter Wellness is a process that is designed to create and sustain positive energy. It is highly interactive and tends to leave people feeling relaxed, positive and connected. A Laughter Wellness session typically involves an introduction that sets the scene and provides context, before moving into a range of interactive and uplifting exercises. This article shows how a Laughter Wellness session may be tailored for special events, specific purposes and different groups. Many people would agree that laughter feels good. You will discover that there is so much more…

JANUARY 24th – Global Belly Laugh Day

A good belly laugh releases a range of emotions stored in the body and can be cathartic. Experience a Laughter Wellness session focused on deep diaphragmatic breathing, belly laughter and a laughter meditation, where free laughter flows. Feel renewed!

Belly Laughter at Bondi Beach Laughter Club


4th – World Cancer Day (UN)

Laughter Wellness is a valid form of complimentary therapy. It is a process that enables you to unlock the healing power of laughter and experience the benefits, regardless of how you feel. Laughter Wellness reduces stress, lowers pain, improves mood, boosts the lymphatic system and increases feelings of connection. Therapeutic laughter is empowering.


17th – Random Acts of Kindness Day

Sharing genuine laughter with someone, is an act of kindness. Experience a session that focuses on connection, in particular giving and receiving. Give and receive positive energy, praise, appreciation, kindness and more!



8th – International Women’s Day (UN)

Experience a Laughter Wellness session focused on inclusivity, equality and empowerment.


9th – World Kidney Day

Therapeutic laughter has been facilitated in dialysis units, in Australia and abroad and has been found to improve the lives of people with kidney disease. Explore the power of laughter for improved holistic health and wellbeing.


20th – International Day of Happiness (UN)

Laughter Wellness creates positive energy. Experience a Laughter Wellness session that incorporates a range of exercises that have been found to boost feelings of happiness, including gratitude, laughter and positive affirmations.


Last Sunday of March – Neighbour Day (Australia)

Share a Neighbour Day event designed to connect people and build relationships. Laughter Wellness is highly interactive. Experience icebreakers, greeting exercises, affirming activities, group activities and fun games.

Laughter Wellness with Connie Costa for Neighbour Day. Photo via SGCHGroup Facebook page


7th – World Health Day (WHO)

Explore and experience the benefits of Laughter Wellness for holistic health and wellbeing. Laughter improves physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing. Read more about the benefits of laughter.


11th – World Parkinson’s Day

A tailored Laughter Wellness session for people living with Parkinson’s.  Read more about the benefits of Laughter for People with Parkinson’s.

Laughter for People living with Parkinson's

22nd – International Mother Earth Day (Earth Day) (UN)

Hold an outdoor Laughter Wellness session in a natural environment. Explore the positive impact of nature on health and wellbeing. Experience breathing, laughter and affirming exercises that engage the senses and evoke a sense of connection with the earth, the group and with your self.


28th – World Day for Health and Safety at Work (UN)

Holistic Health and Wellbeing is an important aspect of safety at work. Explore a Laughter Wellness workshop that incorporates tools for stress management, positivity and increased connection, for improved wellbeing and a more positive work environment.



First Sunday of May – World Laughter Day

World Laughter Day raises awareness of the power of laughter for health, wellbeing and a more peaceful society. Join a World Laughter Day event in major cities around the world or organise one for your organisation.

World Laughter Day Bondi Beach 2016

First Tuesday of May – World Asthma Day

Laughter and deep breathing exercises improve lung capacity. Get more oxygen to the cells of the brain and body through Laughter Wellness exercises.


5th – International Midwives Day

Experience a tailored Laughter Wellness session for Midwives.


12th – International Nurses Day

Experience a tailored Laughter Wellness session for Nurses.


15th – International Day of Families (UN)

Experience a Laughter Wellness session for families. All ages welcome.

Laughter Wellness with Families at Bondi Pavilion


First Sunday of June – Cancer Survivor’s Day

Choosing to laugh intentionally is empowering. It allows you to have greater control over the way you feel. Laughter Wellness provides a safe space where you can shift emotions, reframe experiences, boost positivity and connect with yourself and others. Explore laughter as a tool for health and healing.


21st – International Day of Yoga

Explore the relationship between Laughter Wellness and yoga. Laughter Wellness incorporates yogic breathing. Did you know that laughter is a form of elongated breathing? Learn more at a special International Day of Yoga class.


23rd – UN Public Service Day

Experience a tailored Laughter Wellness session for people who work in the public sector.



3rd – Compliment Your Mirror Day

What a great theme for a class! Organise your own or come along to Bondi Beach Laughter Club in early July. Explore exercises designed to develop self-esteem, self-care and self-love.


30th – International Day of Friendship (UN)

Laughter Wellness brings people of all ages and cultures together. People bond through the display of positive emotions. Explore the power of laughter for friendship and connection.


Late July (check date annually) – Stress Down Day (Australia)

Explore laughter and deep breathing exercises as tools for managing stress, at work and at home. Laugh, have fun and connect with others, in a safe space.



7th – Professional Speakers Day

As a professional speaker myself, I draw on a range of Laughter Wellness exercises to prepare for public speaking, including vocal warm ups, facial exercises, smiling, breathing and laughing. Experience a session that incorporates exercises that you can put into practice.

The Happiness Effect Conference in Kuwait

12th – International Youth Day (UN)

Experience a tailored Laughter Wellness session for youth groups.



13th – Positive Thinking Day

A good laugh makes you feel good and when you feel good, you have more positive thoughts. Explore laughter and affirming exercises, designed to create and sustain positive energy and a positive mindset.


15th – World Lymphoma Awareness Day

Laughter has many benefits on physical health. It increases lymphatic flow and creates more immune cells that protect the body from illness. Explore and experience the benefits of laughter for health and wellbeing.


21st – World Alzheimer’s Day

Experience a tailored Laughter Wellness session for people living with Alzheimer’s.


21st – International Day of Peace (UN)

A Laughter Wellness session creates positive energy and concludes with a grounding exercise, which brings people into a state of balance. When you feel positive and peaceful, it has a positive impact on the people you interact with and on your environment.


29th – World Heart Day (UN)

Laughter improves blood circulation, as it causes blood vessels to dilate. Explore the impact of laughter on physical and mental health. A positive attitude has a positive impact on health and recovery.



First Friday of October – World Smile Day

Explore the difference between a polite smile and a real smile. Share your genuine smile with others on World Smile Day!


1st – International Day of Older Persons (UN)

Laughter Wellness is an effective form of exercise for seniors and can be done seated. It improves holistic health and feelings of connection.


2nd – World Cerebral Palsy Day

A tailored Laughter Wellness session for people with Cerebral Palsy.


5th – World Teacher’s Day (UNESCO)

A tailored Laughter Wellness session for Teachers.

Laughter Wellness with Early Childhood Teachers

10th – World Mental Health Day (UN)

Laughter Wellness has a positive impact on mental health. It creates ‘feel good’ chemistry in the body and empowers you to have greater control over the way you feel. You can’t feel SAD (Stressed, Anxious or Depressed) in the moment that you’re laughing!



10th – International Accountants Day 

A tailored Laughter Wellness session for Accountants.


13th – World Kindness Day

Experience a session that is focused on connection. Give and receive positive energy, praise and kindness!


14th – World Diabetes Day (UN)

Laughter Wellness for People living with diabetes.


19th – International Men’s Day

Explore the benefits of laughter for physical, mental, social and emotional health and wellbeing.


20th – Universal Children’s Day (UN)

Laughter Wellness with Children.


21st – World Hello Day

Explore a session that focuses on many ways to greet someone and exercises that build positive connections.



3rd – International Day of People with Disabilities (UNESCO)

A Tailored Laughter Wellness session for People with Disabilities.


5th  – International Volunteer Day

Laughter Wellness With Volunteers. This is an opportunity for those who give freely, to recharge and connect with themselves and others. Volunteers will also gain tools that they may implement to improve health and wellbeing, for example intentional laughter, breathing exercises and affirmations.

Awareness Weeks


Youth Week



Mental Health Week (Australia)

Carers Week (Australia)

Seniors Week (Australia)


Awareness Months

February – National Heart Month (Worldwide)

March – National Kidney Month

September – World Alzheimer’s Month

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October – Mental Health Month (Australia)

November (Movember) – Awareness for Men’s Health Issues eg prostate cancer


What does a Tailored Laughter Wellness Workshop involve?

A tailored Laughter Wellness Workshop involves a pre-planning chat between the group organiser and the workshop facilitator, to ensure that the group gets the most out of their Laughter Wellness experience. You will discuss the purpose of the session, key message to get across as well as important information about the expected group.

An informative, interactive and fun workshop will then be planned and delivered to suit the group and their needs.


What others have said:

”Thanks Connie! Appreciate you taking the time to really understand our needs and knock it out of the park. The energy in the room was amazing.” 

Jason Whitty – Program Manager, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

‘‘WOW. I have never laughed so much at an in-service. As a nurse, this provided much relief to the stressful environment that I work in.’’

Zelka Popovic – Nurse Educator, Westmead Hospital


Connie Costa - Laughter Yoga TeacherConnie Costa is a Laughter Wellness Presenter and Trainer, Laughter Yoga Presenter and Trainer and the Founder of Laugh and Live Well. She is based in Sydney, Australia. Connie shares her passion for Laughter Wellness with audiences and trainees both nationally and internationally. She will be presenting at the 2017 All America Laughter Conference in June. Having experienced the power of laughter for herself, she is passionate about sharing Laughter Wellness, as a valuable tool for holistic health, wellbeing and connection with others.  Contact Connie to discuss how she can bring Laughter Wellness to you!