Online Laughter Meditation

Through laughter, we are able to shift energy in the body. We often feel lighter, after a good laugh. Laughter unlocks our laughter muscles and opens our laughter channel. Many people have found, that through a laughter practice, they tend to smile and laugh more naturally in everyday life.

This Online Laughter Meditation provides a safe space, where laughter can be experienced in a way that is right for you. There is no expectation of what your experience of a Laughter Meditation should look life. Smiles, laughter, tears – it’s all welcome.

With the unique combination of people that come together, each laughter meditation is different. Our own laugh may also vary from experience to experience. Some days it may be soft, other days it may be deep. Our Online Laughter Meditations have been uniquely created with the intention of truly honouring what needs to come through, for each group, in each session. 

People commonly feel relaxed, energised and positive after a laughter meditation. It’s a great way to start the weekend!

You will experience:

– An Introduction to this Online Laughter Meditation. You will receive information about a laughter meditation, benefits of laughter and helpful information to help you get the most out of this experience.

– Gentle breathing, smiling and laughter warm up exercises.
– A Laughter Meditation – an opportunity for free flow laughter.
– A Guided Relaxation
– The Heart Lock-In Technique (by the Heart Math Institute) – Heart Focused breathing exercises that you may incorporate into your daily life.
– Wrap up exercises, to close this group session, ready to carry the positive energy of laughter with you!


Upcoming Workshops 

To be announced soon

Time: To be announced 

Where: Online, via Zoom

Investment: $25 including booking fee

Helpful Information:
– Please wear comfortable clothes that feel good to sit, lay down and laugh in.
– You may like to start the session seated, then have plenty of room to transition between standing, seated and laying down exercises.
– You may like to have a bottle of water handy.


Workshop Agreements:
– By joining this workshop, you agree that recordings and screenshots will not be taken during this session. Thank you for your support in creating a safe space and respecting the privacy of all group members.

An audio recording from an in-person Laughter Meditation.