Laughter Wellness Teacher Training, Sydney, Australia
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60 Hour Laughter Wellness Facilitator Training

Laughter Wellness is a powerful method that is designed to create and sustain positive energy. It reduces stress and improves health, wellbeing and connection. This training enables you to acquire the knowledge, skills and certification required to facilitate Laughter Wellness sessions with others. Laugh and Live Well is Australia’s recognised provider of Laughter Wellness Facilitator Trainings. Our 60 hour Laughter Wellness Facilitator Training is approved by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and is designed to set you up for success. We provide a supportive, encouraging and empowering space, that you have access to beyond your training period. We revel in the knowledge that you will be equipped to share the Laughter Wellness method with others. Join the growing community of Laughter Wellness Facilitators sharing positive energy around the world!

This Training Is For:

People interested in facilitating Laughter Wellness sessions with others, including:

  • Wellbeing Practitioners
  • Community Workers, interested in sharing Laughter Wellness with community groups
  • Aged Care Workers, interested in sharing Laughter Wellness with seniors
  • Volunteers, interested in sharing Laughter Wellness with specific groups, through an organisation


People interested in incorporating Laughter Wellness principals and tools for creating positive energy, into their line of work, including:

  • Psychologists
  • Counsellors
  • Coaches
  • Health care workers
  • Teachers


People looking to explore the power of laughter and positive energy for their own health and wellbeing.

An Overview Of Our Laughter Wellness Facilitator Training

The 60 hour Laughter Wellness Facilitator Training will greatly enhance your personal and professional development. Through this training, it is our intention that you will be skilled, confident and ready to facilitate Laughter Wellness sessions, upon certification.


This 60 hour course will involve a combination of contact and non-contact hours. It will take three months to complete. Group sizes are kept small, with 12 trainees enrolled in each course. Our small group sizes help to create a supportive space and lots of opportunities for personalised guidance from your trainer.

The 60 Hour Laughter Wellness Facilitator Training Structure

Four Day, or Intensive Three Day, Face-to-Face Training (24 contact hours)

You will learn:

  • What Laughter Wellness is and what it involves
  • The key benefits of laughter for physical, mental, social and emotional health and wellbeing
  • How to teach a Laughter Wellness session
  • How to effectively introduce the Laughter Wellness method to a group, to create context
  • How to help participants get the most out of their experience
  • How to introduce and lead a laughter meditation, to enable participants to experience free-flow laughter in a safe space
  • How to lead a grounding exercise, to ground the energy of laughter and bring people into a state of balance
  • How to effectively wrap the session up
  • How to plan and sequence a dynamic Laughter Wellness session
  • How to start implementing Laughter Wellness sessions, in your community or organisation


5 hours Online

  • 3 hours of online practice sessions, within the 3 month training period, through the Laughter Online University (LOU). Practice sessions are facilitated by a member of the LOU Training Team.
  • A 2 hour online facilitated group discussion, with your trainer, at the conclusion of the 3 month training period.


Non-Contact Hours Include:

  • A 12 hour teaching practicum – You will be required to plan, facilitate and log 12 hours’ worth of Laughter Wellness sessions. This must include at least two 1 hour sessions, two 45 minute sessions and two half hour sessions. Your teaching practicum will be organised by you. It must be made clear to your participants that the Laughter Wellness session you are leading them in is a practice session, as a part of your Laughter Wellness Facilitator Training. Sessions may be conducted with family and friends, at your place of work (if deemed appropriate by you and your organisation), or at Bondi Beach Laughter Club, which is coordinated by Connie Costa (a sign-up sheet for leading at Bondi Beach Laughter Club will be available at the face-to-face training and is subject to availability).
  • 19 hours of course credit will be given for your written assignments, lesson planning and preparation time.


Assignments include submitting:

  • 1 written assignment on Day 3 of the training.
  • A one hour Laughter Wellness session plan – due within a week of the face-to-face training, for written feedback.
  • A written reflection of your Laughter Wellness practical experiences, due within the 3 month training period, for written feedback.
  • Your Laughter Wellness session plans (12 hours’ worth), for review only, by your trainer.
  • A log sheet documenting at least 12 hours of practical Laughter Wellness sessions led by you and at least three hours of involvement in the Laughter Online University’s practice sessions, during the three month period.


Note – Any aspect of the course structure or overview is subject to change, at the trainers discretion, in the best interest of the trainees and the group.

About Your Trainer

Connie Costa is an internationally recognised Laughter Wellness Facilitator and Trainer. She has a Bachelor of Education, with Honours, and over ten years of international teaching experience. Connie has shared the power of laughter with diverse groups, nationally and internationally. She opened the first ever Happiness Effect Conference in Kuwait, presented on Laughter Wellness at the All America Laughter Conference and regularly presents at the Australian Laughter Wellbeing Conference. Connie has shared Laughter Wellness with corporate organisations, non-profit associations, schools, universities and community groups, as well as with children and seniors. She is the co-ordinator of Bondi Beach Laughter Club and the annual World Laughter Day Bondi Beach public event.


Connie trained with Sebastien Gendry, founder of Laughter Wellness, at the highest level and became Australia’s first Laughter Wellness Teacher (Level 3), certified to train others. She has supported Laughter Wellness Facilitator Trainings, with Sebastien, in both Sydney and in the USA and has offered laughter Wellness Trainings since 2016. As an active member of the Laughter Online University Training Team, Connie supports the education of Laughter Wellness Teachers from around the world. Connie is excited about sharing the Laughter Wellness method, with those who feel the call to join this training.


There are no prerequisites for this course. It is encouraged that you experience a Laughter Wellness session before your training, if possible.

Tuition Fee

Early Bird Special for July Training- $1695. Full payment of $1695, or a deposit of $695, due by 31st June. If paying a deposit, the balance of $1000 is due 3 business days before the training start date.

Regular Training Price – $1795, paid in full at least 3 business days before the training start date. A deposit of $695 will secure your spot in the training.


Tuition fee includes:

  • A hard copy of the comprehensive Laughter Wellness Facilitator Training Manual, written by Sebastien Gendry.
  • A 12 month membership to the Laughter Online University (LOU). This will give you access to:

– Weekly online interactive group practice sessions facilitated by a member of the LOU Training Team.

– Monthly online networking meetings, facilitated by a member of the LOU Training Team.

– Resources and hundreds of hours of additional reading and viewing materials to support you on your journey.

  • Further support through the Laughter Online University members forum and Facebook Group.
  • Morning and afternoon tea during face-to-face training days.

Upcoming Laughter Wellness Facilitator Trainings in Sydney, Australia

Starts July 2018 – Three Days Intensive 

Dates – Sunday 8th, Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th July 2018

Times – 8:30am-6pm, each day

Location – The Centre, 14 Francis Street, Randwick, Sydney 2031


Starts November 2018 – 4 days

Dates – Monday 19th, Tuesday 20th, Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th November 2018

Times – 9am – 4:30pm, each day

Location – The Centre, 14 Francis Street, Randwick, Sydney 2031

Helpful Information for the Face-To-Face Training

  • Accommodation is available at The Centre, at an additional cost, if required. Please contact 9398 2211 for booking enquiries.
  • Lunch is not included in the tuition fee. A kitchenette and garden area is available on-site. The training venue is also within walking distance to many reasonable lunch options.
  • Limited all-day parking is available at the venue and surrounding streets.

How to Register

  • Carefully review all training information, including the course overview, dates, tuition fees and our refund and cancellation policy to ensure that our training program suits your needs.
  • Contact us if you have any further questions, or if there is anything you would like to discuss, about this training.
  • Contact us to book your spot on this course by calling Connie on 0466 474 080 or emailing If emailing, please let Connie know what drew you to the Laughter Wellness Teacher Training and what your training goals are.
  • We will send you an invoice. Your booking will be confirmed once payment is received by us.

What Others Have Said About Our Training

”Connie has so much passion for sharing laughter and positivity. She radiates positivity that is infectious and one can’t help but feel uplifted and inspired after Laughter Wellness. Connie has a special talent to create a comfortable and safe place. I have completed my Level 1 Laughter Wellness training with Connie and she was a fantastic teacher, always making us feel confident and supported.” – Talara Blackwood, Laughter Wellness Facilitator


”I had the pleasure of being the first British person to train to teach Laughter Wellness level one with the wonderful Connie Costa at Bondi. I cannot recommend either the teacher training or the laughter wellness sessions enough. Laughing is something we all do, but sadly not enough. I never realised the health benefits of laughter. Finding out about laughter wellness opened a whole new avenue in my life to explore. I urge anyone to give it a go! Trust me, you’ll feel the benefits!” – Tina Henshall


”The techniques and principles I learned with Connie Costa are worth sharing with people in the community. My goal is to bring Laughter Wellness to the frail and aged, homeless people, and people with disabilities.” – Cesar Melendez


”A big thank you to Connie for training me in Laughter Wellness. It expanded my horizons and I immediately put it into practice at the local library yesterday. I had nearly thirty kids and they all had a great time.”  – Stacie Haplin, Children’s Entertainer and Humanitarian Clown


”Connie’s laugh, passion and drive for spreading the Laughter Wellness principles are infectious and inspiring! The training was beneficial to me professionally and personally. A great way to put things in perspective. Laughter Wellness breaks barriers and pushes your comfort zone – just the right amount!” – Olivia Kelly, Corporate Recognition and Reward Program Specialist (Trained with Connie as a Laughter Yoga Leader and engaged Connie for corporate Laughter Wellness services).


”Connie is an excellent presenter, great energy and always went the extra mile.  She kept our energy high with her enthusiasm and professionalism. In addition she has given us extra resources and was very encouraging to all the participants. It was a highly enjoyable training experience.” – Cat Piper, Cat Piper Psychology (Laughter Yoga Leader Training – 2016)

We look forward to sharing the Laughter Wellness method with you.

Contact us to book your spot!