Workplace Wellbeing

We facilitate Workplace Wellbeing Workshops that allow people to explore the Power of Laughter and Positive Energy for enhanced health and wellbeing.


All of our Corporate / Workplace Workshops are tailored to suit your purpose, key message and group members.


Our workshops are facilitated using the Laughter Yoga or Laughter Wellness method. They are uniquely designed to allow group members to feel the power of laughter and positive energy for themselves and explore tools that they may be able to put into practice, at work and at home.

We are currently offering all of our workshops online, via Zoom.


A typical Laughter Wellness session involves:

–  An introductory presentation about the benefits of laughter, to provide context and help people to get the most out of the workshop.

–  A Laughter Workout, which alternates between interactive clapping, breathing, affirming and laughter exercises, designed to increase energy levels, create positive energy and a positive mindset.

–  A Laughter Meditation – Participants will experience free-flow belly laughter, which can be a powerful and cathartic experience.

– Grounding – Participants will be guided through a guided relaxation, to ground the energy of laughter and restore a sense of balance. 

– Wrap – Up – Participants will be invited to share any thoughts, comments or feelings about their Laughter Wellness experience with the group, as well as something they may be able to put into practice from now on.

Our tailored online sessions include a pre-planning chat between between the workshop organiser and facilitator, to help us to tailor the workshop for your group.

It would be a pleasure to share the power of laughter and positive energy!

Contact Us to discuss how we can tailor an online Workplace Wellbeing Workshop for your group. 


“Connie’s laughter workshop catered to a room filled with 50 young educators. It was perfect for our group as it gave us strategies to SUSTAIN our wellbeing and relationships PLUS she gave us tips on how we can use laughter exercises with the children we teach. Thanks Connie!”

Marian Rokosi – Conference Coordinator, Community Child Care Co-operative (NSW)


”Within 2 hours, Connie, with her Laugh and Live Well workshop, took a room of tired, jaded community workers and filled it with laughter. Participants used words like ‘joyful’, ‘lighter’ and ‘energised’ to describe how they felt by the end. We are already planning our next session.”

Charmaine Jones – Executive Officer, Inner Sydney Voice