Laughter Yoga Teacher Training

This five day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training will certify you to become a Laughter Yoga Teacher, affiliated with Dr Madan Kataria’s International Laughter Yoga University.



Who should attend?

The five day Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training is suitable for people who would like to:

  • Start a laughter yoga business and facilitate wellbeing workshops and programs, using the process of laughter yoga, with a variety of different organisations and groups.
  • Train people within their organisation to facilitate laughter yoga workshops and programs, to establish a sustainable laughter yoga practice, within the organisation.


What does the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training involve?

The Laughter Yoga Teacher training comprises of three parts:


If appropriate, the business training can be completed via Skype.


Your Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Trainer will be Merv Neal, Laughter Yoga Master Trainer and CEO of Laughter Yoga Australia.


For more information or to book a spot at the next Laughter Yoga Teacher Training, please contact Merv Neal at or see Laughter Yoga Australia.